Titanic movie poster featuring Leo & Kate and that boatIt’s taken me about thirty minutes to work out how to wrap the text on this bloody image. 

Anyway, can we talk about how Titanic still holds up all these years later? And I say ‘years later’ as a someone who walked out of the cinema as a teenager, tears streaming down her face because Soup du Jour heartthrob Leo DiCaprio got the frostbites. But here are some thoughts : 

People actually thought Kate Winslet was fat in this? Yikes. No wonder there’s a generation of women who hate their bodies. 

James Cameron is considered a leading expert in the history of the Titanic. Perhaps our friends on the Titan sub should’ve sought his advice. Hot Tip: always get advice from more experienced peers. 

Who remembers queuing outside Target the morning the video was released? Those poor merchandisers setting up the pallet stands only to watch them be absolutely decimated by rabid customers who couldn’t wait to watch two VHS tapes full of trauma all over again. 

Good times. Great classic memories.  


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