Here's a quick and dirty list of my favourite places online for writing tips, tricks and know-how. 


How to Create a Flexible Outline for Your Novel: This is one of the first things I do when an idea is white hot. Grab some index cards and scribble out the main points of the story - and any other scenes that inevitably come to mind in the process. 

20 Key Scenes for Writers of Romance Novels: Not only does C.S. Lakin write some fabulous books on the craft of writing, but this fab resource on her website has proved invaluable. After plotting the big points, I love seeing the finer points on a page in front of me. It often helps connect the story at points where there was previous a bit of . . . void. 


How to Create a Character Profile: This list from Reedsy is as extensive as you'll find it. Even if you don't use all the information on the list, it'll help you get to know your cast of players much better than the set and forget, fly by the seat of your pants method. 

Characters: WritersWrite has a fab section dedicated entirely to characters. From names to profiles, flaws and different archetypes found in fiction. It's all here. 

social media

40 One-Sentence Social Media Tips: Despite the fact that I practically live inside my computer, I'm not a lover of social media. It's a time suck and there's a huge amount of pressure on authors to be 24/7 visible and switched on. This list is a great way to start making things a little less pressurised. 

What to Post on Social Media: I love Angie Gensler. There, I said it. Angie has created an almost foolproof method of posting on social media that cuts down a lot of the thinking music needed. There's a heap of free info here, but if you're wondering if you should stump up the money for paid content, it's the best $30USD you'll spend.

Content Batching: When you're done with Angie, know that you don't need to spend days every week creating content. Create a batch of it at once, set and forget. Your sanity will thank you for it. 


3D Book Cover Generator: Name says it all, really. Make all those fab JPGs of your cover on Kindle, paperback, audio, or all at once. 

The Ultimate Guide to Pre-order for Indie Authors: This is a fabulous read examining the things to consider when self-publishing and organising pre-order periods. 

What to Include in an Author Newsletter: A newsletter is the best marketing tool you've got. It's algorithm proof, so you want to make it as tasty as possible for your audience. Here are some great tips on what to include. 

Rachel's Random Resources: At the end of it all, when your book is ready for your adoring audience (because that's exactly what they are), you're going to need the best to organise a blog tour. After seeing the magic she worked on One Week 'til Christmas, I can thoroughly recommend Rachel. 

book recs

If books are more your thing, here are my go-tos when it comes to writing. 

Austin Kleon - Steal Like An Artist

Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi - The Emotion Thesaurus

Libbie Hawker - Take Off Your Pants

Sara Rosett - How To Write A Series

Lizzie Chantree - Networking for Authors

C.S. Lakin - Layer Your Novel