Here’s the thing, if you can’t find me napping with cats, you can probably find me rifling through record stores, or behind the wheel of my car. In my day job as a retail merchandiser, I buzz about the streets of Melbourne while devouring audiobooks and avoiding cyclists. In recent times, I’ve been diagnosed as autistic with a side salad of ADHD. Explains a lot - especially when it comes to those Special Interest (tm) collections of coins, records, and first edition books.  

And, while I might share my experiences online - whether via socials or here on my site - I can only speak for me. Your mileage with spicy brain may vary. 

Recently, I co-authored the screenplay adaptation of Escape from the Commodore 64 with my friend and collaborator David Hearne. It has since received official selection at the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. More recently, we won a string of Best Feature Screenplay awards, including at the Gold Coast Film Festival's Queensland Screenwriting Awards. This led to us receiving some interest from production houses. 

We’re both bursting with excitement to tell you what happens next. 

In the meantime, I’m working through notes for our next screenplay. 

Cheryl (Bookish Bear Services - left) and Me (right) at the 2023 Fiction and Friction indie Book Signing - Adelaide

noteable notes & other cool shit


Winner: Best Feature Screenplay : Beyond Border International Film Festival

Winner: Best Feature Screenplay : Indo-Singapore International Film Festival

Winner: Best Feature Screenplay : Gold Coast Film Festival - Queensland Screenwriting Awards



Entrant: AFIN Film Festival : Escape from the Commodore 64 (w/David Hearne)

Official Selection: Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards : Escape from the Commodore 64 (w/David Hearne)


#1 Amazon Bestseller : One Week ’til Christmas 


Nomination: AusRom Today - Best New Author

Nomination: AusRom Today - Author of the Year

Nomination: AusRom Today - Book of the Year : A Recipe for Disaster

Nomination AusRom Today - Cover of the Year : A Recipe for Disaster 


Winner: Courthouse Youth Arts - Over 26+ : Obsession

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