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Congratulations on making it to the end of your draft! It’s an exciting time, but you may be wondering exactly what comes after ‘The End’. This is where a beta reader will come in handy. Our job is to help make your story as strong as possible before you start the submission process.

Recently, I’ve teamed up with Element Editing Services to provide professional beta reading services.

Beta Reader vs Professional Beta Reader – There’s a difference?

How many times have you handed your book off to friends or family only to have them tell you ‘I love it! Don’t change a thing’. They’re wonderful people for wanting to help you, but this kind of feedback is neither constructive nor helpful. I know this because I’ve been there, too.

Because of this, paid, professional beta readers are becoming the choice among authors. It’s our job to provide thorough, quality feedback for a fee.

So, What’s Included?

As I read your manuscript, I’ll be busily filling in a 5-7 page questionnaire. This questionnaire covers the big-picture items of your story, and each of these sections is further broken down into finer points. In total, I will answer no less than 42 questions about your writing.

Here are some examples of the questions I look at in the big-picture points.

The opening chapter (does it hook the reader?) 
The characters (are their motivations believable?)
Character relationships (are these developed organically?) 
The plot (are the threads tied up?)
Pacing (does it track well?)
Setting (are the settings clear?) 
Dialogue (is the dialogue authentic?)
Craft (is the story unique for its genre?) 
Overall impressions (was the reader tempted to skim at any time?)

You’re more than welcome to submit your own questions for me to answer. If they’re not already covered off in the questionnaire, I’ll include them in the Author’s Corner at the bottom of the document.


Yes, I charge for Beta Reading.
Why? Because I'm not here to be your friend (although I will be, just bring cake). My job here is to provide you with thorough, honest, and constructive feedback. I strive to be polite and positive, responding in a way that is designed to improve your work, not tear you down. That takes time (not the polite and positive, but the whole work part of it). 
My rates are a simple $1.87 per 1000 words, with an additional $100 admin fee. If your book is shorter (under 50,000 words), or you're returning for a second or third beta read on a document I've already worked on, get in touch so we can talk  a cheaper price. 


The initial wait for feedback is an absolute heartbreaker, which is why I aim to return your manuscript within ten business days from the first available slot in my calendar. That is it. 
You can book as far in advance as you like. 


An extremely proficient author herself, I can't believe the best beta reader on the planet is so affordable. Belinda knows what works and doesn't work in a story, and that type of feedback is priceless.

David Hearne, author of The Case of the Notorious Roboticist

I cannot recommend Belinda's services enough. Her professional understanding of the anatomy of a story meant she pinpointed the exact areas of my manuscript that needed more love and attention. I always felt like Belinda was cheering me on; she was supportive and encouraging, while giving great constructive feedback that helped me to refine my story.

Kristy McKenzie, author of Someone Should Write A Book About My Life

I am so, so grateful for you and your mentorship throughout the years, Belinda. I seriously don't think I would be where I am, as a confident writer. Thank you for being you, and being amazing.  

MK Nova, author of Hold Fire