Escape from the Commodore 64 does it again!

In a win that was so unexpected neither of us had chatted about me making the trek to Queensland, on Thursday, April 20th, David Hearne and I were awarded first place at the Queensland Screenwriters Awards. 

Thankfully though, David had the foresight to grab himself a ticket for the event held at Warner Bros Movie World. And for that, I’m thrilled. But it’s been a long time coming. 

Our collaboration on Escape from the Commodore 64 spans back to early 2021 when I took on the role of beta-reader. With the imagery, the nostalgia, and the fun of it all, I loved what I was reading, though I could see some big areas for improvement (no book starts perfect). From there, we had a LOT of back and forth, and something close to six or seven drafts before a screenplay was even suggested. 

Even so, the screenplay has been finished for around twelve months now. It’s been entered into a swathe of film festivals and we’ve been sitting and waiting to see if audiences connected with us. 

The phenomenal news is: they have. After David received our award (it’s gorgeous, check it out), he was invited along to a live reading event. A cast had been editing and rehearsing a script for weeks before we even had an inkling that something great was happening. Again, I was unable to be there but am thankful for technology allowing me to experience the event. 

We are so grateful for all the love Escape From The Commodore 64 is currently receiving. I’ve got a feeling that this is just the beginning of great things. 

If you want to read David’s original book, you can grab your copy of Escape from the Commodore 64 here. 

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