time to embrace the celebrity memoir trend

It’s the book we all read before we read it: thanks X, thanks facebook updates, and thanks clickbait articles. 

Still, if you think you’ve read all there is thanks to the above, think again. 

Fucking yikes. 

That was my two word review on facebook, and I’m struggling to come up with anything coherent to expand on that. Britney's parents should be in jail. Probably her sister, too, plus K-Fed, and the boyfriend who wound up on the conservatorship board, can get on in there with them. Maybe they’ll need a butler, so all the hangers on can fuck off as well. 

I’m glad that Britney has had a chance to tell her side of the story because, Oh-Em-Gee, what a mess. I think the most important question to come out of this is: where are all the men under control of conservatorship? The double standards that Britney has faced for her behaviour are truly mind-boggling. But it’s easier to laugh at the Jay Leno skit and move on. We all did it. 

This is heavy, but light reading at the same time. For all the stuff that’s been said, there’s so much more that feels like it’s been left out. I suspect we’ll see some big legal cases coming up soon. 

It’s been months since I’ve sat and listened to/read a book. Despite all the great things that have happened, 2023 hasn’t been a year of indulging my love of books. But this one here? This has kicked me back into the reading room at the speed of light. 

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